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HitFilm Express will provide video editors with all the power they need to ‘make something cool’. This starter video editing software will allow anyone to take their first steps towards pro-filmmaking thanks to VFX wizardry. 

It is being described as perfect for students, YouTubers and beginner filmmakers. So, if you’re looking to level up your skills this software’s masterclass tutorials will suit everyone. 

  • Key features include:
  • Full 2D and 3D compositing.
  • 410+ effects and presets. 
  • Free video tutorials and projects. 
  • Professional video editor. 
  • Windows and Mac compatibility. 
  • Unlimited tracks and transitions. 
  • Great usability.

This download is ‘fully loaded and forever free’. HitFilm believe that users shouldn’t have to pay to play. They also say that they delight in being a part of their user’s origin story. 
With its warm, friendly and incredibly helpful interface this program will guide complete beginners through the art of professional filmmaking. 
They can learn how to get the most out of more than 410 effects and presets, all thanks to free tutorials. Overall, HitFilm Express gives you access to the most powerful free video-editor and VFX software. 

With its unlimited tracks and transitions, full 2D and 3D compositing and a whole host of impressive features it is easy to see why this program continues to be downloaded in high numbers each day.


You can download it for free just by registering on the official website.

What is Easy Hit Video?

EASY HIT VIDEO Is a collection of templates that can be used for creating high-quality videos for your business, for your clients, for promotional videos, for whatever purpose you need with high-end effects that you would normally only find with Adobe After Effects.  


People can easily use this collection of drag and drop templates without video editing skills, allowing them to create cool videos in minutes with the FREE video editor HitFilm Express.

Simple steps for editing


People no longer need to search for old files to be used again in the project you are working on because you can easily import templates through the template library provided by HITFILM Express and you can import them as installed templates again so that. 

The following are some practical steps to import as an installed template:

  • Import template into media library
  • Delete all on the library
  • This is important part, you can load specific template on intalled template menu for import into your project.


You can easily add all elements to all of your video projects, both premade templates, images, videos and more just by dragging and dropping single files or many files at once to your video project.


All the elements can be changed by your parameters, both text, size, color and others through the control menu, which makes for very easy editing.


You can see how the template is easily imported, edited in the following video


Video Template Template

Video Template Template

Youtube Channel Intro Template

Youtube Subscribe Animation Template

20 BIG BOLD Tittle Template

Modern Action Intro Template

10 Sliced Title Template

10 Flip Title Template​

Fast Rhytmic Video Opener Template

Dynamic Video Opener Template

Optimized Sales Funnel

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Cart Opens Nov 21st, 2019 at 11am EST

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